Watch the #GTAV Official Trailer at
  • rockstargamesWatch the #GTAV Official Trailer at

  • joshuatru3I cannot wait I do have to say that the transmission from San Andreas to gta 4 and episodes. I was very let down with the story line. Cause San Andreas was so long and complex and thought out. Then 4 and episodes was a 2 day long game and no depth to the story. But the online play was a hit. So I pray that 5 is ten times the story mode of San Andreas and ten times the online mode. Rockstar you have never failed me and your genius.
  • blsjdblsjdOmg poor u @heydaykid201
  • keenen_wiensHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahahahahahaha @heydaykid201 it's going to suck when u join a multi player game. U will have nothing
  • ronanlesanUm only kind of dissapointed because gtav the city part is so small its mostly just grass
  • dreadhead_johnson01😒 Tone it down a little bit @keenen_wiens
  • daani_hGuys! If you wanna see GTA V LEAKED GAMEPLAY go to @jsticks111 instagram! He has GTA V already!!!!
  • keenen_wiens@daaaniiishh I don't know if that's really the game the graphics are kinda bad but maybe
  • trinidadypaz@keenen_wiens Check @dabzombi gta5 leaked videos instead
  • keenen_wiens@redryder180 that luck bitch
  • kurtrobersonIt is gonna be mad!!!!!!
  • dchehouri56@rockstargames stop finger fucking your mom and fix the online you pussies
  • johnnyboy_04My brother has that game
  • the_anexumI love grand theft auto V this is the best game of all
  • michael.cambareriI've finished gta3 and vice city
  • michael.cambareriSick man
  • gta5dlcnewstop paching glitches we like
  • adem235rockstar you should make rare cars go inside you garage
  • pepocolesThe best game!
  • dendabeastPlease dont make gta 6 based on london. it should be based on liberty city combined with maybe another gta game. And please take as much time as you need to make gta 6 have better graphics on the next gen of concoles. thank you
  • calamity_king_Liberty City and San Andreas @dendabeast
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