Check out the new collection from @lescottstewart available online and at selected @harveynichols store.
  • jplescottCheck out the new collection from @lescottstewart available online and at selected @harveynichols store.

  • perfectwang好好踢球!!!
  • my_life_in_filters@jplescott love the leather jacket and some of the slogan tees. However I do feel your range seem limited at the moment when is the autumn range released? Looks decent.
  • jplescott@kolokolotoure28 good my brother. How's the injury
  • k_bobssPlease can u help me with my order... Been charged but not received... Emailed/tweeted but no response...
  • saifpr@jplescott it's a 419 @kolokolotoure28 it's not him. Delete and unfollow. He's on Twitter though.
  • faisalalkadi123Hey bro please can you like one of my pics and 2 of city liked mine so please like
  • bigsixx63Yo jo long time follow back bro. Ez
  • jplescott@bigsixx63 ye bruv long time. Worse thing is that a sore a pic on Jodie's page and thought is that Ez. You back in brum now or still in Manny
  • bigsixx63Yeh yeh been back years now. Still go up every now and then, not as much recently tho. Hope u have a good season bro. We will catch up. U still c zat knight
  • bigsixx63You know my cuzen trovarn thompson mansfield town fc future star
  • jplescott@bigsixx63 will look out for him now. He play up front as well
  • bigsixx63Lol yh yh good player. Do that fam. Take care of yourself jo. We will link up. Im expecting him to go all the way. Fingers crossed. Yo u remember pardeep chema badest footballer lol
  • jplescott@bigsixx63 ye Pradeep was a G, me and him in midfield with you Booster and Tini up top.
  • jplescott@swp29 sorry bruv thought I was following you already🙈
  • jplescott@swp29 ain't even you bruv cause I just texted you
  • bigsixx63dream team that was jo lol. nice one with derby mate. always hated the reds !!!!!!!!!
  • fawaz20Lescott i love u so much u have big fans from saudi arabia
  • nickchurch_Check your direct messages Joleon
  • arnoldcervantes@mr_adidas12
  • edward_wilding@dannyboy1141
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