Tbt... 07' b4 it was popular to wear bow tie's and lenses as a athlete in this era..
  • dwyanewadeTbt... 07' b4 it was popular to wear bow tie's and lenses as a athlete in this era..

  • rachel.harris3@cwebb7 I just died and went to Heaven 😍😍😍😻😻😻👆👆👆 you should've sent me this pic! Haha
  • ericalee__x3Marry me ")
  • marlonbeagleBest dresser in the world wish I had your closet
  • tygabluuud@shaipine my point exactly
  • mr_lafleur@cadet_foxx
  • graham_colvinYou're a great player
  • _yungzeke@dwyanewade that was 09
  • muffinlove2you look kind of cool they're the ways
  • tcladyfever4Dear Dwayne Wade , my name is Enrika Delince originally born in North Miami , but moved to port st. Lucie . I play basketball for a league and AAU ; and I'm currently in the 8th grade and on my way to High School , I recently got a scholarship for the best school in the city of Port St . Lucie ; but it's a really expensive school and my parents can't afford that with work being slow and all . My dad is the one who pushes me the most and he makes me and my little brother better ...anyways before I close I just wanted to say how much u mean to me and my family your inspiration for all and I love u !!!! I can't express how much u mean to me and I can't till maybe I'm in the WNBA and become just like u .... A loving , caring , and humble person . I appreciate u :-)
  • tcladyfever4@dwyanewade
  • amourcam_Can you please tell this looney toon looking trick that yeen got braces on the top
  • tericaaaaaa._No Bitch ! @iarmaniii
  • amourcam_😂😂 @xoxo_terricaa yea this yo damn name !
  • glowdlionBeauty! So natural, that's why I love you
  • misinterpreted_Happy Birthday Yo
  • ___restinpeacemaLawddddddd 😍
  • o_oh_myLoveee This 😁
  • beautiflo80Love this. Great pic
  • jaribling10Like this DW
  • ayee.joannaa@qveen.sissi
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