One of my resolutions is to embrace my natural waves. I might make it 3 days, tops.
  • whoorlOne of my resolutions is to embrace my natural waves. I might make it 3 days, tops.

  • _ashleysellers@prettycrabby is right! Bb has a great curl conscience line. Also hear deva curl is amazing. Love your locks.
  • prettycrabbyIt saved me this summer and I have continued using it when I don't want to blow dry.
  • theohanamamaIf you do and you figure them out, share! That's how my hair is too.
  • amtibDid u use aveda? Think of it as a hair fast!
  • whoorl@theohanamama You know I will! That's what's so frustrating - I essentially almost every product line at my fingertips, but I still haven't found the perfect wave product.
  • shopmilleI love your waves! I've logged extra extra hair tool hrs lately trying to recreate that ;)
  • kerigiordanoWhy? they're so beautiful! I wish my hair did that.
  • loula_bellesI'd die for hair like that!
  • lisadkcOops that was Patrick !!!! Happy New Year! You look beautiful either way!
  • brookeraymondI have waves/curls and I use a combo of products. The key to the curls is moisture so I use Aveda's Be Curly and then Biosilk on top of that. Then air dry. My curls have never been so good!
  • greeblehausHot. Wish I had waves.
  • whoorl@brookeraymond I did Be Curly and air-dried for this pic. Although I love Aveda, it doesn't do it alone. Im going to try some new hair oils that I just received for Hair Thursday and see how they work in combination!
  • brookeraymondIt definitely doesn't do it alone. The Biosilk (I'm excited to see what you find out about the oils!) makes all if the difference for me.
  • pancakesforrecessGorgeous. Moroccan Oil does the trick for me:)
  • kyleepearsonLooks good
  • emily_bilbreyVery pretty! I always heat-style over my natural waves, though, so I totally feel you. (;
  • thisfreebirdDo it.
  • sizzlesaysMy hair is like that when it's long. Looks great!
  • hollylynneI expend a lot if effort trying to get my stick straight hair to look like that. I love your waves!
  • itsmeemoIt looks great. I love air drying my hair and letting it wave. Although its usually because I don't have time for much else. Can't wait to see what products work for you.
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