One month until #thechurch is back in the USA
  • andyblackOne month until #thechurch is back in the USA

  • mxme999Come to montreal😭💕
  • joshadvnWhen you will come in Greece?
  • official_castiel_The next time someone says nobody likes black veil brides I will show them this picture! Lol
  • eden.aeCome to Hull at fruit :D ❤️😘
  • abbyy_lynn_@musicxandxblades its crazy to know that someone who dosnt even know u exist and probly never will has sculpted you into a way better person than u ever were before
  • musicxandxblades@abbyyy__519 its even crazy to know that that same person has inspired so many people into doing what they love and not being afraid to show who they really are and knowing how many peoples lives he's saved without even trying. If that isn't considered a hero then i dont know what is.
  • abbyy_lynn_@musicxandxblades li honesty dont even care that im a fucking outcast anymore bc of them. 5 men have saved and helped thousands and turned so many lives around. I have sooo much love for all of them
  • musicxandxblades@abbyyy__519 these 5 men are life savers and heros and so many other things but i dont even have any other words to explain my love for this band and andy especially.
  • abbyy_lynn_@musicxandxblades if only he read all of the comments i would actually pass the fuck out
  • musicxandxblades@abbyyy__519 my life would be complete and i would die happy knowing that they actually know I exist.
  • abbyy_lynn_@musicxandxblades im already dead now thinking about it
  • musicxandxblades@abbyyy__519 stop me to. I love them so much.
  • abbyy_lynn_@musicxandxblades can u imagine any one of them acknowledging our existence for even a second like seeing these comments in their notifications
  • musicxandxblades@abbyyy__519 stop your getting my hopes up
  • abbyy_lynn_@musicxandxblades they will obviously see it but won't think much of it
  • musicxandxblades@abbyyy__519 yeah
  • abbyy_lynn_You guys have honestly helped me to embrace rather than shame being "weird" and there is nothing i could ever do to explain that to u and get u to hear me but thats ok as long as u keep helping others embrace being different as well all o
  • abbyy_lynn_Is good^^
  • finding.emo._SO MANY PEOPLE OMG
  • mckinnzieb2Saw them in Dallas warped tour 15' amazing live!!!! Hope to see them again next year
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