The beautiful funky sounds of @OGEverlast doing an acoustic version of Jump Around
  • joeroganThe beautiful funky sounds of @OGEverlast doing an acoustic version of Jump Around

  • xharikgorillaWhy didn't you take a video??
  • dcquarlesBc the whole thing is on video, it's a podcast slapnuts
  • dyoung26Fantastic
  • csg_fight_promotions@joeroganexperience how can we get on your show to discuss the shit the California state athletic commission is doing to our youth fighters!!!
  • _ashlisi#powerfuleverlast
  • timbulb@dbramlette by posting a comment among the other 150 comments that Joe will never read.
  • csg_fight_promotions@timbulb only 73 on this one. Lol
  • csg_fight_promotions@timbulb we need his help!!! California is getting crazy for youth MMA, pankration, Jiu Jitsu.
  • womericanmonkeyNice... :)
  • thefoxhorseA Eskimo, cheetah and orangutan walk into the Vatican to speak to the pope . Eskimo walks up to pope says , my village needs more fish or we will starve for the winter . Cheetah walks up , I need to run faster so that I can catch antelopes to feed my kittens. Then the orangutan is like I want to learn to ride a motorcycle , but I am too stupid cuz I am a orangutan . The pope looks at them for a minute , and then says . What the fuck do I look like ? A god damn wizard !? Get da fuck outta here !!!
  • cbizzy10Fail
  • munkeyspazTry to hard. Jokes like that are for old men
  • thefoxhorseIt's in the way you say it / delivery . I should delete it , cuz typing it doesn't do it justice .
  • cougarjpmit's a bad joke
  • baker2023@dcquarles23 hahahahahahahahaha
  • kl08_Fuk yea! I can't believe how much that rocked!
  • ckingtxAnother great Everlast live performance on the podcast.
  • scapoochSuch a bad ass podcast! Powerful Everlast!!
  • skratchgonzoThis should be a video Joe
  • josh_lippoldThat was a great podcast!!
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