I told Al he's getting too thin - he disagrees - I'm right, he's wrong 😁
  • carolinemanzoI told Al he's getting too thin - he disagrees - I'm right, he's wrong 😁

  • badcatjackHe looks great, but no thinner than he is now!
  • staceys_lovelylocketsHe looks great. Not too thin.
  • xxoopsl84ad8xxWhen you age it just happens. Thats how my daddy is too..
  • nunuof4I hope he's not sick..
  • jayboogiedivHe looks good but I agree with you don't lose anymore or he will disappear
  • kathyfarahAgreed! Eat Al!
  • stacylynnjensenHe looks the best I've seen him. Although this is a good number to end with.
  • philly2hobokenAl looks fantastic. @lillypoo1121 usually that 'flabby skin' is when people are tremendously overweight. Al was portly but not obese. His skin should be fine.
  • carolinemanzoCorrect - he has no excess skin --- my honey looks good :0)
  • jennm_26He looks awesome! Good for him..
  • emeade12how has he lost his weight?
  • kimmyechHe looks happy and healthy, in my book that perfect weight!
  • ginamerciHe is looking sexy. I'd be worried. But that's just me.
  • hankshoneyAl had the lap band
  • goldnboyzx6lol caroline 😍
  • joels71YOU ARE WXACTLY RIGHT! You're always right, your my favorite, love you! He looks great, he doesn't need to loose more weight, he looks so handsome. If he looses more weight he will start looking old!'
  • elle1515Al looks amazing! Very healthy, very sexy - I'd def NOT be jealous, but that's me :)
  • littlesavedgirlHe looks good but I like my husband full 😜
  • ipmmodelsi think Caroline is just a little jealous and maybe worried , that he's becoming a hottie . Caroline instead of complaining ,Join his team it will make you a happy woman .
  • kat_jo08He looks healthy & Happy!
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