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  • dannypierThis is my week old daughter riding our robot vacuum. Safe to say I got this parenting thing down. #babies #robots

  • aldare14She is so alert!
  • jaredbridges@afparrotta | saw it -- it's great. @dannypier | congrats to you & your wife!...
  • stphnee_I saw your time lapse video on buzzfeed and it was the cutest 5 minutes of my life! congrats to both of you, you sure have a beautiful daughter! (:
  • sadeoohbuzzfeed brought me here :)
  • mrs_savannah74Buzzfeed fan also! Thanks for showing how heartwarming humans can be in this world we live in!! 👏👏
  • okayluhBuzzfeed'd here, too! So incredibly sweet!
  • dannypierThanks everyone! Glad you like the video! We're pretty big fans of the baby starring in it :)
  • brummingbirdLove the video, such a great way to document a pregnancy. Congrats!
  • pandaklossAlso from Buzzfeed. Your daughter is so cute!
  • melnebarabyLove this!
  • aargilaThat's awesome. Very cute baby!
  • jennanoellegalantiSaw your story on Buzzfeed and cried! Your teeny-tiny is blessed to have you both as parents! Congratulations on your beautiful addition and thank you for the smile.
  • popowifey143So cute! Love the cloth diaper too!!
  • drewraynerYour baby videos hit London! Amazing work x
  • slimt1213@skyla_tisdale I'm buying you guys a roomba. Lol
  • stgammonDitto to all the comments about the video. Extremely well done.
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