• j_evans1219😜 BLAH.

  • hollimarie92But I will give her that she looks better than you 😭😂😭😂😭
  • monicab1987Maybe she got on suboxone... That would explain the pupils. Sorry but you don't get pinned eyes like that "from the sun"- yes you do get smaller pupils when you're outside but anyone who has followed Jenelle for even a little while knows what she looks like sober&what she looks like high. This is not sober.
  • columbiianoUgly whore.
  • urnbrwnWhoa. Your eyes are super pinned. It's so blatantly obvious that you're still on opiates. Why would you continue to post so many selfies? Please look at yourself and realize what you're doing. You need to get help.
  • urnbrwn@hollimarie92 hahaha, you're delusional. Do you honestly think you're attractive?
  • hollimarie92@urnbrwn Sure do! Why?!? Do you think I'm u-u-ugly?!? 😢😥😰😫 Omg my feelings are so hurt! Jk. Yeah I really don't care what someone who's seen one picture of me thinks lol
  • thelifeofsarahhMiley
  • caitlinjayskeltzYoure so perfect!
  • moreish_cocaALL OF YOU ARE UGLY SO WHAT ? im ugly too. 🙌🙌
  • bootatochipGross
  • laceysmitherinesMust be some good sheittt hahaha woww pupes
  • _justmetiffany_@tailiaj0y18 @columbiiano you blind?
  • robbiechadmaxWho gets hooked on heroin and who lets a bf shoot them up anyways?
  • allisonkatie02Loll hundreds of thousands do everyday @robbie_turns_3
  • robbiechadmaxLol
  • mime12344👟👞👡👠
  • ky16_rk19I think you'd look better if you got your eyebrows shaped
  • feeelicitiwhy do people hate so much. lmfao she's living her life better/happy and none of us even know her so just leave her the fuck alone... @j_evans8209
  • teela7Ur pupils tho lol
  • nicoleblades36Eyes pinned as shit lmao
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