omgggg @sheiva_g I miss you already! 😭 LOVE YOU! 💜💙 magic mountain soon!
  • kendalljenneromgggg @sheiva_g I miss you already! 😭 LOVE YOU! 💜💙 magic mountain soon!

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  • slaaybethStop using her as a fame machine she aint givin anyone shoutouts or liking the pics just cause 20 ppl said that
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  • priscillaperez_01Do you know how or where I can sign up to be on 17 magazine? @kendalljenner @kendalljenner @kendalljenner pleaase
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  • amazing_paris16Hey Kendall, I know probably you won't read this because you are too busy with your life and all the stuff you got to do, but I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you, first of all because people at your age haven't achieved as much as you have, living your dream, walking down the most important runways in the whole world or being the cover for many important magazines. With the few things I have read about you and know about you I can see you have a great soul and I also see how much you like to help people around you like for example what you did in your Sweet 16 party, I mean that was just so nice, sharing with the people that don't have a lot of opportunities as you do. I admire you a lot and I also think you have the best fashion taste in the whole world, I just wish my closet was like yours 😂 what I have also seen is that you laugh about everything and no matter what you always have a smile on your face and that is something that makes me admire you even more. In my career as a model I hope to be like you but I always follow your most important advice ever, "You are beautiful". I hope you have the time to read this. Thank you for being who you are Kendall and don't stop being your very best self ❤
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  • qcodsw8x3u😡iwoi ixaoja ni o o calfk ‌ eedia @delaramahz @yasna4461 @afshintiktak1@sode_hasani @miss_haowzhin @hkhoozan@diyana_90018844@saberuosefian @mehdi.k5512 پـ‍نجاه ‌ در‌ صــد‌ تخفيف کلیه ‌ خدمات ‌ ل‍ـیـزر موهاي زاید با بهترين دستگــاه ليزر ‌ ‌ ‌ الکساندرا‌ یت اي دي یگ ‌ خا‌ ل برداری و رفع واریس برداشتن لک های پوستي و لیفت بـا نخ تزریق ژل چربي و بوتاکس جوان سازی صـ‍ورت با روش هاي هــایفو اسکارلت تماس: 0⃣2⃣1⃣2⃣6⃣4⃣5⃣9⃣7⃣6⃣1⃣ ont rkku kqiu iodi edu hac vm loo ie o onlti ifcsto qtai sas peaae ui b 😃
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