Sprinter or marathon runner? Either way, get going with #FILA. #workout #fit #Kohls
  • kohlsSprinter or marathon runner? Either way, get going with #FILA. #workout #fit #Kohls

  • emily_borkowski@chelseygabrhel these are totally you! :)
  • emily_borkowski@kohls I own those capris for running! LOVE them!
  • kohlsWe LOVE to hear that @emily_borkowski! Nothing like looking good for a good workout.
  • emily_borkowski@kohls you got that right! Run with style :)
  • laurabotesDo they have a back pocket by chance?
  • thecarriebrownAll my workout wear is from #kohls!! Which reminds me...I need some new yoga shorts!
  • kohls@mommyslilprincess they don't. Sorry! We can help you find a pair that does if you'd like.
  • kohlsRun on in @careann83! We can't wait to see you :)
  • laurabotes@kohls thank you, that would be awesome!
  • arroyo_ivyYo lo kiero para ir al gym
  • arroyo_ivyLike it! I want it..
  • sarahleitingerSprinter
  • snoozy50It looks nice but it wouldn't fit me I'm to big for that
  • kohlsWe like to have room for all our stuff too, @mommyslilprincess! We've found three great options (that all happen to be from #FILA). The Trail Performance Skimmer pants (Web ID: 93350915) have a side pocket for your cell phone or portable music player. The Performance Running pants have 1 pocket to hold your treasures (Web ID 93427197). If pockets are more important than leggings, the Straight-Leg Performance pant has 2 pockets in the front (and are super duper comfy!). We hope this helps. Let us know if you need help locating them, let us know.
  • kohls@snoozy50 this style is great because you can pick and choose pieces to pair together. You can pair the leggings with a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt (since fall is right around the corner!). Plus, you'll look fabulous in anything you want to wear - as long as you're comfortable :)
  • janalkittsI've got a question for you! You got an email I can reach you by?
  • kohlsHey @coffeengiggles! We'd love to chat. Can you send us a DM on Twitter? That's the best way to reach us!
  • janalkittsAbsolutely!
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