End the Knight. Photo by @sedition1216
  • andyblackEnd the Knight. Photo by @sedition1216

  • crystal_skull_raven_drop dead gorgeous !!!!
  • _laurennn2I didn't think your voice could go that high!
  • windakembarlove you so much
  • zo.wo_I wish I can meet u. We would have like no fucking lie so much fun
  • nevershoutnever_taylormade my day .
  • vervainliarsMust. Have. You. (>*-*)> To. Beautiful. Eyes. Can't. Take. It.
  • vervainliarsxD an they say nobody's perfect ❤💕 :')
  • erinquigley_xAnd you say you can't model but you can eye model? No no your good at both 💕😆
  • deb_maddaoh my god
  • __paint.crazy_i agree with leahloveszelda why are so fricking hot!!!!!!!!
  • darkmoonflower88You are sooooo freakin ...... Good pic:)
  • thed3vil.insid3heey andy happy birthday, good, just wanted to wish you all happiness and health in the world, that you continue with that beautiful smile you have plastered on your face and keep making us all very happy just with his music and with his smile, I'm sure we all your fans pray every night for you to keep up, you can wake up and smile, you do not smile every day, we all have bad days, but we have to move forward with our dreams, and I'll be here in Brazil with my following that knows it is a day ... i love you
  • em.michelle__Love you prolly won't ever find out I exist oh well I tried!! Love you!! Follow me!! @andybvb
  • silvercats3Fade to black~
  • thebatmansjokerLove u so much sorry for spamming I just love u
  • lola_yami♥️♥️♥️
  • sanarmuhanna@brenda_cholagh fuck
  • black_veil_brides_love__I love you
  • itzz.toriiix0😍
  • elizabethanderson17.5You are such an inspiration to me. You and the rest of BVB saved my life, thank you so much.
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