Went to see back again . Gogo always luv
  • waleWent to see back again . Gogo always luv

  • defytheodds.lifeJust saw your twitter post and would love for you to check out our brand, its focused on the avid dreamer and people with ambitions such as yourself who want something and are willing to defy all the odds agains them to reach that dream. We try to inspire plus we donate to a different charity every few months.
  • sharkissmyassyoyoYou not looking for no young artist who has what it take??
  • daneo80@walemmg we got our tickets for your Miami show! Been riding with The Gifted since the day it dropped. My favorite album of the year.. You are a poet in this game of pretenders. Thank you for your words my dude.
  • twinsfablaneTunes are on fire wale
  • candiluv83@walemmg grateful for your poetic flows
  • _herbiefullyloaded_Aye We Gotta Link Up Forreal Mane @walemmg
  • mzktoureI'm always missing you when you come home
  • eternally_faithWale
  • love4finewineGo go music baby !!!the best like U @walemmg
  • juliamarie4Your drummer!!! Lol I met him and Black down at ECU. Ur summer lives right by me. Tell him I said hayy ;)
  • omarazizrntI trade diamonds in Dubai for 20% below market value instead of paying ur jeweler 300% markup for diamond chains buy them from me then you can make custom jewelry holla if u wanna know more
  • koolkeith_106@slink_ym nigga u look ugly like shit in this pic like u didn't kno the camera man was ready
  • koolkeith_106U and black the only niggas that look like y'all r were ready for the pick
  • _mstoy86@walemmg Just saw u at the airport I was so star struck didn't even know what 2 say!
  • royalwaistbeadsI love how you stay so connected with where you came from. We don't have too many people putting DC/PG on like you. Listening to you sometimes makes me love where I'm from even more! And every time you flow over a gogo beat I swear I get nostalgic about them good ol days.. Neon, icon.. lol. Anyway. Luh you Wale! // @getkrissed
  • 23kissmykicksI love this dude !! ❤💋
  • __diam😘💋💌
  • sj_sagitarian_boss84I miss this @walemmg
  • huskyhitta_bluMy nigga slink
  • 24hours_moneyteamLove that look u given off!!!!!
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