Me and @fat_gleesh aka king of anything music
  • waleMe and @fat_gleesh aka king of anything music

  • jacksonvillejerseyI love u bro
  • jacksonvillejersey<3
  • natehoward83Dc artists all day #httr @walemmg that no pain joint should be the new skins war song . Js
  • lexx_luggerAknowlegde me w/ a fb lol 😁🙊 . K bye!
  • aleckz_and_ruhYou are fine
  • eternally_faithGood morning wale❤
  • flexaroni_74Yo ass look like young scooter lol
  • swayzebShouts out to the legendary wale and the soon to be legendary Fat Trel!! The 314 got plenty sex, drugs, money, and gunz!!
  • matthewboy360Waka flaka flame
  • stylesbycortneyvWould luv to do ur hair whenever ur in philly. ..@walemmg.....btw ur performance @themann was great
  • stylesbycortneyv@walemmg ♡♥♥♥♥♥
  • nisarayeY'all should let me do y'all hair when y'all in the DMV. If y'all don't already have stylists.
  • blackeuropeanNext video 🙋🙋🙋🙋
  • bjaz99Nice meeting y'all 😘😘😘
  • bjaz99@walemmg @fat_gleesh
  • stingykareeWhen you was on the way up I ran right up the stairs!!
  • stingykareeWe will work together I'm a dope ass choreographer from the DMV been a fan since day one I got all ya albums and mix tapes
  • ashledavisIf I show you love will you love me back? Lol
  • tuseyi@wale Whadup bruv!? My name is seyi I'm from silver spring & I screen print. I've been a big fan of your's since you and Dan we're stunting with SBs! I'd really like to print your merch for your tour! I know I can do it! You're one of the only Nigerians that has made it and I look up to you as a pioneer for our people! I know I can be a valuable asset to your team. Instead of having a big company try and take a percentage of your merch sales, I can print whatever you design and you guys can make all the profits. Please contact me if you're interested! I also have an embroidery machine so I can do hats, varsity jackets and anything else you can imagine!
  • betta_moNeed to hear something new from you 2
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