FAM-Time: Me @OttoOdor @MrWupAss & Immer at BURGER NIGHT. Where are u tonight?
  • countingcrowsFAM-Time: Me @OttoOdor @MrWupAss & Immer at BURGER NIGHT. Where are u tonight?

  • sleepyjean242The best. Say hi to Immy for me.
  • insta_tam@countingcrows 🐄🍔 Can't believe I don't get to eat burgers with the guy that lives in your bathroom.
  • scharffishere@madidiaz
  • msmary13I'm on the line slingin' cars.
  • leonardocyrino@annageorgia i flew from Brazil... Sooo heart broken...
  • annageorgia@leonardocyrino wow! You definitely win! It was literally the only reason we flew out. Love that venue and obviously CC. Then I lost all my money at the blackjack table. :( Worst trip ever.
  • leonardocyrino@annageorgia it was the only reason for us too... At least we could meet&greet the guys. Believe you or not i lost them on Belgium because of the snow on 2009... So i still havent seen them live! Next year, perhaps...
  • msmary13Cry me a river
  • chambers10Different artist, I think that was JT. @msmary13
  • knittingannieBurgers on the grill as I type. Wish I remembered beer!
  • chambers10And I as bummed too, flew from MI but thankful for meet and greet!
  • thebalmaholicGot a tattoo in dedication of you guys. And celebrated my mom's birthday.
  • user_not_found121Jammin saint Robinson in his caddilac dream.. I seen u last year at the outlaw roadshow.. come to Augusta Adam @countingcrows
  • ljparisiNight sky is showcasing plenty of heat lightning here. Heading out on my bike to take it all in...btw, hope they gave you the best pickle in the house. Behind every great burger is a really good pickle (and don't you forget it).
  • joyia_e_sibleyWalking distance from where I grew up - don't get hit by any lightning! You guys were awesome at CAS in Columbus, Ohio, hope to see you out here again!
  • msmary13@chambers10 I wasn't talking about a song. I was commenting on people complaining about being unable to see a cancelled show due to flooding.
  • silviadbiAround here @countingcrows
  • sherincitaMaking chips at home ☺ @countingcrows
  • chambers10@msmary13 oh I knew that, just being sarcastic. And if you flew to another state to see CC and it got cancelled, I'm sure you would be a little upset to.
  • msmary13Phew. @chambers10. I'm so relieved it was sarcasm as I was leaning more towards obtuse. Thanks for the clarification. Cheers!
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