Tune into @Shade45 for the Premiere of Berzerk at 10pm EST #mmlp2
  • shadyrecordsTune into @Shade45 for the Premiere of Berzerk at 10pm EST #mmlp2

  • buzz96d@demixjames I agree with @dennerzone. Eminem was a vicious, lyrical rapper on MMLP as well as SSLP. Its gonna take a lot to go back to being there, if ever. For now we have to deal with a somewhat watered down Eminem. Numbers don't mean a thing, to many people, both of the cds mentioned are by far his best works. I don't think Bezerk was a good song. It had way too much going on and not enough lyrics. That's just my opinion.
  • demixjames@buzz96d yo dude, I got you, even if u read what I say, I'm not saying that the MMLP or SSLP aren't good, in fact I think those albums are the greatest, but, you now that people change, right? Maybe Em is trying to do something new, even I'm not saying Berzerk is the best, I give a 7/10 but, lets wait till the MMLP2 come out, maybe this is just a "teaser" of the album, that's just my opinion, peace.
  • buzz96d@demixjames I understand. But we all judge differently. I hope the whole album isn't like this or I'll be disappointed. I'm a huge Eminem fan, so this is a big deal for me.
  • demixjames@buzz96d tbh I can feel you, I'm also a huge fan of Em, so I'm waiting for the MMLP2, and I don't really wanna get disappointed to.
  • krisxxx46Im a huge fan and it may be different, but i like it..its his art work I always will be a huge fan keep doin what u do best!
  • j_parks44Berzerk is a horrible song I have been a em fan since I was 7 and if he releases a album full of tracks like this I will certainly not be buying. I understand he is trying new things but this is not an ok track by any means
  • 8milesandrunningHkk
  • teenaoneHell yeah, Now that's what I'm talking 'bout!
  • dec_rilzSlim is back
  • melioestaveswhats the backing track "everybody" Cant get it.
  • missangeeeyPut this song on repeat... And high volume...and play it until your neighbours, friends or family goes BERZERK!!
  • cececookie_Marshall mathers is totally killing it this year, I have so much respect for this guy! I love him more than anyone in the world!
  • dolphy4Since his single has come out when is Eminem going to start touring in the states? Is he going to start touring this fall? Or what until next year?
  • dawn_lynnetteb<3
  • _ethan_lundeen_Good song
  • theresaroukosbest song everr !♡♡
  • ak0icuteGo berzerk
  • jackoreilly1700Huh. 1st comment in 2 weeks
  • esmeraldasauceHuh. 1st comment in 3 weeks
  • vodkanoniHuh. 1st comment in 80 weeks
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