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  • daveramseyElizabeth paid off $34,000 in 3 years!!! One of the most powerful #debtfree screams we have seen!

  • lilladykt@daveramsey can you do more segments with single people earning average incomes (nothing over six figures please!) who pay debt off in an average pace as Elizabeth did? It makes me feel kinda down when i hear people making >$150k and they pay off 200k of debt in a year and a half or what have you. Most of us cannot do this! Please focus on us "little" people!
  • 3kidsmama35@lilladykt agree!! Its very realistic then!
  • kittycocoa2Thank you @lilladykt little people cannot measure up to that by no means and if we get slammed by a medical emergency or something oh well
  • jhatterTotally agree @lilladykt . Yes @kittycocoa2 as I sit in the doctors office right now..ughh.lol
  • nicoleworxI love the iPhone app!!!!! @daveramsey
  • presby4Like,like,like!
  • bay_boi_707Dave would say either get your income up or cut expenses for rapid results...anything is possible and all of his post are realistic because people really do them.
  • no__________xI think they asked for most posts like this bc THEY are able to identify more. Maybe pasts stories are not realistic for them. People's situations differ. Nothing wrong with that. I think Dave would be more than happy to oblige their request bay_boy_707.
  • kittycocoa2@jhatter 2 steps forward and 4 steps back keep the faith it works I keep telling myself it will it will hope everything is ok
  • angelcphillipsSell stuff!!
  • lcharmsj@lilladykt I agree! It's nice to see anyone achieving financial freedom but it makes it a little appear more attainable when you see single people doing it. Single people don't have the advantage of using one income for expenses and the other to gazelle like crazy attacking debt.
  • lcharmsj*appear a little more
  • lilladyktThanks all for the support! For some of us, we have to take the term "baby steps" literally because its all we can do! We work realistically as much as we can, cant sell our stuff because we don't have much of it anyway and compared to some of the stories, our "gazelle intensity" looks "snail paced". Sometimes for us singles, being TOO intense backfires. As it has for me. So if it takes me longer to pay off debt, so be it. At least I know the debt is being paid off, even if it takes me six months longer than I want!
  • parochoIt's awesome I love watching these videos.
  • trojangirl1983So encouraging as a single mom!!!
  • mybabyjoYou have to be weird to NOT love these videos!!!
  • theworldhonoredoneThis is definitely more realistic for me. So glad you all posted this one.
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