A perfect look for work? A Perfect Shirt, paired with a cardi! #LaneBryant #LBFallStyle
  • lanebryantA perfect look for work? A Perfect Shirt, paired with a cardi! #LaneBryant #LBFallStyle

  • jessalikewhoaa@madisonjenna1031 the mannequins are sized at 16 which is a size that Lane Bryant carries. They could changed the mannequin figure but not all plus sized women are shaped the same.
  • trenias_transformationI agree @madisonjenna1031 ! They are wearing the size 14 and it has to probably have pins . They should also use the plus size in the catalogs as well . (At least a size 18/20 )
  • lanebryantHi ladies - thank you for your comments. Our mannequins and models do fit the size range we carry.
  • lovebeautyticLove this- would def wear to work
  • coopermom29@lanebryant I just purchased 2 pairs of jeans and they are great! On sale too!
  • caramelthickness42I have many LB outfits, some similar to this style. I need the accessories.
  • trayriteI love this
  • lanebryantHi @caramelthickness40 - the necklace is our Status Link Necklace, the belt is the Patent Animal Skinny Belt, and the look is finished off with assorted bangles.
  • lanebryantEnjoy your new jeans @coopermom29!
  • mj_keenWhy do they have to fit the smallest size you carry? Most people who are plus sized don't even consider a 14 big at all, and would kill to be a size 14. This needs to be more realistic. I would kill to look like that mannequin. @lanebryant
  • mj_keenNo one who walks into Lane Bryant has a flat stomach like your models in the LB magazine and mannequins, no one.
  • iamsillygrrlYou guys are way too concerned with the mannequins. The mannequins are still larger than any mannequin I see at regular stores. I'm sure the size 12 women aren't barking that the size 0 mannequins in those store offend them. Can't please everybody.
  • angiesh44Is the leopard print at cuffs par of cardigan or something else. Love this look
  • lanebryantHi @angiesh44 - the leopard cuff is part of the Perfect Shirt.
  • vjollcamakeup💜💜
  • nicckkeyI been wearing Lane Bryant clothes for a long time now. I like the collar shirts but, think they should be made a little longer.
  • thefeli085Btw the models are mostly size 14-16 and the mannequins are size 16 bottom, 14 shirts, I used to dress em.
  • geekischic812@madisonjenna1031 I agree. While a size 14 may technically be a size @lanebryant carries, I would venture to say that most of the customers buy sizes larger than a 14. By displaying size 14 models, @lanebryant is telling us that clothes aren't visually appealing on bigger sizes. After all, businesses advertise in ways they hope will con/persuade consumers to purchase their products. Companies advertise their clothing products on smaller models because we will see that the clothes look good and buy them expecting to look the same way. @doomed The difference is that the stores using size zero models are not claiming to offer flattering clothing for size 12 women.
  • beverly62347I wish their models were size 18 not the smallest size they carry. You can get size 14 everywhere. What about the plus size gitls that cant shop the straight sizes represent lane bryant.
  • estrellafashionreportI love this look
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