Arrived at Za'atari refugee camp near Syria/Jordan border, working on report for @NBCNightlyNews tonight.
  • anncurryArrived at Za'atari refugee camp near Syria/Jordan border, working on report for @NBCNightlyNews tonight.

  • leighleigh0464Thank You! Be safe.
  • leftyvegheart wrenching story last night. thanks for continuing to share great stories. stay safe.
  • kreis_cki bet it is hard to leave little kids like that. i would want to bring them home with me. sweet pic!
  • patsydoddleEbb live
  • annoaks1Beautiful...
  • cooperthegoldenboyAnn, your story tonight touched my heart and brought me to tears. I am praying for that sweet boy and his family. I pray he gets the care he needs. And I pray for peace. Thank you Ann for letting the world see the faces of those effected the most by this horrible conflict, innocent children and their mothers. May God keep you safe.
  • jvinkNorth Korea, Iran now here?! You are truly brave and a hero for the people of these countries that need help. @anncurry
  • eapaqueletAnn, you are my absolute favorite journalist
  • sherry_whiteWatching you on MTP now . This is heart breaking . Thank you for bringing these pictures to us. The world needs to see the suffering .
  • binwoody@anncurry So proud of you. I pretended to be "sahafi" when I was in Saudi but you are the real deal 👍
  • alelovechi@anncurry your are a brave women, bless you 😘😘😘😘 such big ❤❤❤❤
  • suyu_eyesI like u very much👏👍
  • kreis_ck@anncurry I think you are a better fit for the Philippines! Nancy looks like she has been hit head on by it all.
  • barditotodrakeI wish I could help. went to a village in costarica in february and gave school supplies. so fulfilling
  • chavezjess@peaceandloveyas
  • bohemianyas@chavezjess Thank you 😘
  • suun7777777ماشاءالله .. شجاعه منك انك تكونين في قلب الحدث
  • litls@anncurry Picture perfect! Ann, you are an incredible news journalist! All the Today Show media and drama in your departure cannot ever overshadow your talent and God given gift. They needed to make changes but could have shown more tact in doing so. In the turmoil, you showed so much grace. I blame their (Today Show) overall programming during that time for their lapse in ratings. They were lame for trying to pin that badge on a single co-host. I have remained a loyal Today fan, though I have not been a committed viewer. I start work at 7am. Simple as that. In closing, I believe in karma & @savannahguthrie has a Today Show shelf life. I don't get all of her hype & prefer @nmoralesnbc anyhow.
  • vnbrisNice shot
  • lasvegasnewsblogWonder-Filled photo! @anncurry can't wait too see the new adventures and projects you are working on. When NBC fired you, I FIRED THEM! Keep us posted and keep Being BRILLIANT!!!
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