Having so much fun at the VMAS!!!!!!
  • shanedawsonHaving so much fun at the VMAS!!!!!!

  • ardenmcneill@gavgavmcroy
  • lydianicolewilliams????
  • ishbelayalalaYOU GUYS ARE SO STUPID XDDD
  • masvcoYeah take a good shit shane:D
  • sarahmatos__That's where all the cool kids at. The shitter
  • hattieohMy first reaction was laughing. He is so silly.
  • omq_caitlinYou should be ashamed for following my friend on twitter and not me Mr. Dawson!! 😔💕
  • catmittenthat a very clean bathroom lol
  • emmanbarrNice toilet
  • haileynovLol you're like TOILET SAY SELFIE!
  • daddymaddy_200323I love u and I love your channel plus I wanna be your best friend!
  • daddymaddy_200323U make me happy when I am having a crappy day!
  • stupidopinion@missawesomemonster ba dum tssss
  • madeleinerandsurine sucure
  • bostonstrong11Jump in
  • sebastian_sexy_demonYup
  • twistaroundtheloungecan i just say that i've just literally spent a fucking hour going through all your pictures and this is the only one you look genuinely happy in WHILE YOU'RE IN THE BATHROOM SHANE
  • la.insday im gurl das a sexah ass toilet u got there
  • gabby_cookWee wee time
  • chelly_belly2619I want you to know how incredibly talented and stunning you are. I've watched you since I was like 11. You're positive vibes and optimism has always had an impact on me. I really hope you reach your goals in life because no one deserves it more than you so. Good luck. I have faith in you. My other favorite person is tour brother. If you see this, tell him I said Hi and that he is super rad. I used to be obsessed with Shnaynay that for my season pass to Elitches, my name was Shanaynay Maestas. Anyways, you're great and good luck. Really. ☺
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