Bracelets, bag and the perfect #mani – prep for Monday for under $75. #accessorize
  • nordstromrackBracelets, bag and the perfect #mani – prep for Monday for under $75. #accessorize

  • outshopping44Loving that clutch!
  • nordstromrackHi @outshopping44. Isn't the clutch phenomenal? It's the 'Bowery' pouch by Deux Lux for $29.97. Pop into your nearest Nordstrom Rack store for more details, by providing them with UPC 848258016929. Thanks! -Ny
  • nordstromrackYou'll enjoy donning this bag clutch, @katiedecbpshoes. It's by Deux Lux in a pretty blush color and for only $29.97! Stop by your local store with UPC 848258016929 for additional information. And yes... the gold accents are of fox heads. Happy Style Hunting! -Ny
  • lyndsaybrownrealestate@nordstromrack I want that bracelet!!! so cute!
  • chocalitbarbie@nordstromrack do you all have any of the tasha bangle set of 24 or any colors?????
  • nordstromrackHard to resist, right? You can snag up this 'foxy' bracelet by Dazzle at your local Nordstrom Rack using UPC 885043769127. Happy Style Hunting, @creativesquirrel! -Ny
  • nordstromrackHi @chocalitbarbie. Our selection varies from store to store, and new merchandise is received daily. We suggest reaching out to your nearest Nordstrom Rack store to find out what their current selection is. For a listing of stores closest to you; copy and paste the following link: Thanks and we hope to see you soon. -Ny
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