#AmericanAuthors 2 days till the EP drops!!
  • americanauthors#AmericanAuthors 2 days till the EP drops!!

  • sam.rudolph@g0nzy88 who da fuq r u
  • ramosandre_I hope it sounds like Believer. Amazing song!
  • kt.taguchiAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh excited!
  • joshuajonmichaelholy shiiiiiit!!!!
  • h_jam11You guys are amazing! Ive been dealing with a lot lately and listening to the music you produce has really helped me keep my cool and has helped me to keep pushing on. You guys are going to make it big one day. Your music is pure and true. There should be more bands like you. I love that "Best Day of My Life" has become so silently popular. Your first EP album is going to be great! "Home" and "Luck" are amazing songs! Im very excited for you guys! Keep it up you are truly amazing! @americanauthors
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