August 25: ice on the road. Oh Oregon, you amuse me so.
  • tshoxenreiderAugust 25: ice on the road. Oh Oregon, you amuse me so.

  • naybittsOh goodness! I'm not ready for that yet!
  • tshoxenreider@aliajoy yep, on our way home. She's a cruel mistress, nature.
  • tshoxenreider@aliajoy (I don't really know what that means, but I'm tired and it sounded winning.)
  • tshoxenreider@susancr central Oregon, near Sunriver where we were camping this weekend.
  • yvonnelreynoldsYikes!
  • susancrI'm in "hot" Texas. My sister lives in Portland.
  • laurajolizaLol. The clouds were roiling just now over the Old Mill in a way I haven't seen since we left Nebraska!
  • tshoxenreider@laurajoliza I know; these kinds of storms remind me of Texas, too! Well, minus the ice in August. Missed seeing you there yesterday, by the way.
  • llsnthmsCan't believe it! We're having extreme heat over here in Iowa. Ice sounds nice.
  • laurajoliza@tshoxenreider I know. We had to be responsible parents and get the kids over the wellness hump. Plus: exposing everyone to a cough right before school starts? Uncool. Sigh. :)
  • mmzpaulWhat?! That's nuts!!
  • sherri9Whoa!
  • tempestuproar@homegrown_mom me too. I'd be ok with some snow.
  • figuerasfamilyThe heat in south Texas bites. I think I would like some ice!
  • ambertheblackI'm jealous of all your pics and posts. But this one takes the cake.
  • tshoxenreider@ambertheblack yes, but see, summer is so short here that it's annoying that it ices over during the few warm months. If I were melting in Texas right now, I'd want this. But not here, not right now. We get 9 months of this the rest of the year...
  • makeroomforNuh. Uh.
  • redeeming_tableWhat? Was it hail?
  • sarahaileen74This Alaskan sympathizes with you. Ugh.
  • ambertheblack@tshoxenreider ...i totally get it because it's how I feel when people visit the desert in the winter and remark fondly on the warm days and all the sun. Grrrrrr 😉
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