SLC you sure do clap good!
  • teganandsaraSLC you sure do clap good!

  • mimons21Perfect perfect setlist last night. Some old...some new... Just an amazing night. Thanks T&S!!! Come back soon!
  • teganandsaraphpleeeeeeeaase come to the Philippines *ugly crying*
  • licialuvsyou@teganandsara "It was the saddest Shit I ever saw."
  • jephanistoSooo amazing. But we need a headliner date. For sure.
  • afromich88Come back to TO...u guys were supposed to open for 'The Killers' ... Strep throat kept me from seeing y'all :(
  • kassidyraew@madd_beck excuse me while I go cry forever now
  • alrightylighty@gabbydavida :(
  • handsome_hansonAhhh missed you guys in SLC??
  • handsome_hanson@jaacckk_13 SLC has been largely looked at as one if the most gay friendly cities in the US, look it up.
  • lexpiece2Sara, it was so nice of you to dedicate "where does the good go" to that poor goose..It defiantly would've been the saddest shit I've ever seen as well;))
  • joemacpheeClap *well
  • ginnytw1I was there
  • janemarieeeeMe and my friends almost got to meet you guys! Such a dope concert. I love you. ♥♥♥ @teganandsara
  • katystew02Would @teganandsara play at a high school for a fundraiser if it was in Canada and for a good cause?
  • sierraamathewsI was at that concert!!!! Coolest concert EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • cinderellainePlease come to the Philippines!!! I know you'll be in Malaysia in November! Please stop by the PHILIPPINES too!! We love youuuu guys here!!!
  • amazingreaganI went to ur concert last night with fun. it was Awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!
  • babysauce25Saw you in Tahoe last night ! You were AMAZING !!!!!
  • music_art_loveI love you :,)
  • sydchrishHi come back
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