• questloveHmph

  • ovrjoid1913@purpliscious
  • fyrtowrHmm... Wonder if anything would have been said if you were one of those people who draw certain scenes from court cases and drew an "experience" from his concert? It's a drawing - it isn't a photo nor a video.
  • xclenttech@nickinixxworld true!
  • photokidsphotos@jephalex - yeah it looks like it. Damn.
  • johnniecluneyPurple pain.
  • madeva38Woh!
  • ejxt@judicaldera
  • piranhalegendPurple Lame! Jk, Prince Rogers Nelson is everything. Do as he wishes.
  • el_beard"Access another experience" politically correct?
  • sndaygrl76I took video and photos when he dis his 21 night stand in LA, but dayum the security was ON IT!
  • lordfelix76And then Prince went on to destroy Kirks' guitar
  • liquesearcyLove Prince!!
  • _elizagI need to see this man perform at least one time before I die
  • chazziejazzPrince needs to learn a lesson. Get MJ to play a game of basketball? Shirts vs. Blouses.
  • scbruinHa! Just shared a story with my kids about having witnessed people escorted out crying!
  • roxbox49OLD LADY RULES... No fun.
  • wittyteeThis is real! They will throw you flat out!!
  • 10tealPhotos are bad for Monchhichis. Does dude still not believe in time or look at clocks?
  • cdoggggggggggWhat prince doesn't know won't hurt him. 👍
  • jenvargasPurple DOES rule!!
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