Recording my gaga spoof :D #feelingalittlebetter
  • shanedawsonRecording my gaga spoof :D #feelingalittlebetter

  • clozacorn@br_egin haha thanks, i just hate it when people just swear at any negative message like "fuc* off that rubbish ude!!" and all that...
  • ben_cba_clarksonYeah but from now on no abuse
  • ben_cba_clarkson@ @the_real_hipster
  • clozacorn@br_egin gotcha
  • kacey.mackI dare u to answer this message back :);) lol
  • _808itsdjr_Yay you are doing applause by lady gaga #ladygaygay #remembershane
  • elliehawkes1510I love you Shane! :* ♥♥♥
  • shanermac67@obeythebimbos_415 he won't reply to u or text u cause he dont have ur number
  • shanermac67@iamapanda_69 yep people need to be smarter
  • emily.sherwood22Lol he won't text you not trying to ruin your dream but he won't just sayin he doesn't have your number anyways @obeythebimbos_415
  • beleafing_shane you are so inspiring. you make me laugh and smile. to me you are like a rolemodel. cause even though we come from bad situations its all up to us to make something of ourselves. I love your videos cause even though they r crazy and funny almost all of them have some sort of life lesson. thank you for teaching me I'm worth something. thank you for making me laugh. thank you for being here
  • ohmyherondalehiiiiiiiii :)
  • saraplsstopfollowingme2k16What song
  • hannahlovesyoutubeApplause @giamia922
  • obdagOmg Shane Dawson rocks
  • livyjane17In wanna hear it
  • bellapenmanowensHe looks good tho @freya__123
  • tiny_hermosaHi shane:) I'm an unknown follower.. I just wanted to say I love you are my inspiration <3 when we have to write about Heros in school I always choose you changed my life :/ I would cut myself :( and since my friend showed me videos of you I stopped cutting ever since I saw your videos I took all your advices you put on on your vlogs and they were all right :D I started making videos just like you I wanna grow up and become funny just like you :') just wanted to say this even tho you will ignore it.. Well bye:(: from ~marielena
  • fashionably_fatigued@that_wierd_kid_15 shane doesn't ignore people. He loves you just like he loves everyone else, he is just so busy, not to mention the fact he's got so many people calling or emailing or instagraming or twitting or face booking him!!!
  • djspookysadieShane have you ever been on animeme rap battles
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