• jessicaalbaSmooches

  • avaro4kaJessica u were born to become a mom for 2 beautiful girls, i'm shure u r a great mommy
  • fashiion_boxCute!!!!<3
  • gustaawhatisyournameCute!!!!Alba~I love you so much~I come from China.I will always luv u
  • brittanynblakeyLook at those chubby little legs☺
  • jellybeansbearBaby soo cute:)) she's a doll :^D
  • bertu05@therealjessicaalba Stupende! 🌟
  • bertu05Lo siento ! Tu non entiendes el italiano ! Entonces tengo que explicar "Stupende" es come decir "hermosas" ;)
  • da_1_n_only_tiff@therealjessicaalba I love this one and I love the fact the regardless of your success you remain so humble
  • nnaima@therealjessicaalba you are truly a rolemodel for us teenagers. I admire you à lot!!!😊
  • bb__bootsOmg those legs! So cute. #Chunky
  • princessawnryCute....;)
  • darkangelx5452Omg adoreable
  • cnsndmrlBabyyyy : )
  • mone_interierHi Jessica. I Rabia, I am from Russia. Please do not leave my letter without attention. I do not know why I decided to write to you, so I really wanted and I think it's because God wanted. I hasten to note, I'm not a fan of yours, but I know that you're an actress. I want to tell you about a phenomenal book, a book that is the mother of all sciences.
  • mone_interiernavernika you heard of this holy book, the Koran its name. Many people around the world are changing their life after reading this book, and all of them are really happy. This book deals with the one who created us and all that is. I urge you to read it
  • mone_interierfor sure
  • mone_interierI am sure I am writing to you because it's so wished Allah. Read this book and you will not remain indifferent. all you good.))))))
  • bela_trend_stylistSo cutie pie! How did your daughter got the ginger hair, from someone in your family for sure...., super cutie
  • nancypasqualettoSo cute❤❤
  • gonzalezjuan1896Word can't explain the love in that photo
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