We all came a lil to matchy match for the Rehearsal haha! Brooke, @alanarblanchard and hubby photo bombing! #preweddingfun
  • bethanyhamiltonWe all came a lil to matchy match for the Rehearsal haha! Brooke, @alanarblanchard and hubby photo bombing! #preweddingfun

  • eva_pixarHUBBY!!!! @it_takes_skittles
  • aadhyawijeUr so pretty
  • alana_alohaMatching dresses
  • sam_5789Is this really you plz reply I know alot of people write to you but your my idol plz wrote back it would be so amazing
  • sydneyhyshkaI ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡ u so much
  • keharebBrandy Melville dresses?!
  • lillian_stagner_03Haha
  • maddyfrye@_iamspiderman_ @sarah__cagna
  • amberroughtBethany, the past 2 years you have changed my life. I watch soul surfer every single night & I basically know it word by word. You have inspired me so much & you are all I ever think about. These past months have been the best of me. The only music I have on my phone is all soul surfer music. It's crazy how much you've done to me. I practice surfing everyday because I want to go so bad. I know for a fact that I will go surfing some day but I will try to make sure that someday I will be able to surf everyday just like you. It's crazy how much you've inspired me so much over the past months. I cry because of how much I want to meet you. I would do anything seriously. I've made my entire room surf themed. I live for god just like you & I can't believe the impact that you've made on me over the past 2 years. It does very disapoint me that I didn't win the board because if I won that I would of been happy for the rest of my life and I just can't imagine the change of my life that , that would of done to me but I guess it goes to the one who you felt should win. Believe it or not, I cried when I found out I didn't win but I let god take me the right way & so now I feel better because I know you let it go to the right person. But I just want you to know how much you have inspired me & how amazing you truly are & what I would do to meet you. All the soul surfer music is so amazing & it's all I listen to because it makes me feel so inspired. So, thankyou bethany for being the most amazing person ever & changing my life.
  • nataliecemanSo pretty
  • avaa708Super cute
  • amberroughtHuh? @kiannnarose
  • amberroughtK @kiannnarose
  • drizzzeeThat dress 😍
  • brighton_a_fentU r sooooooo pretty I love u u inspire me so much
  • lularoepennysmithToo
  • summer_dugan@amberrought aye kook, do u even surf?
  • kai_moodyyou and alana , best team ever (:
  • buteraskitty@adamdirks
  • kvxstal@angie_2110
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