It was so great to see u and catch up last night @kristincav you look amazing as always! #gorg #friends #goodtimes #funlaughs
  • gretchenrossiIt was so great to see u and catch up last night @kristincav you look amazing as always! #gorg #friends #goodtimes #funlaughs

  • abrookes01If you guys go to Kristen's ig page you will see that she clearly tagged the right person. Just sayin peeps
  • breahfaithChicago???
  • lkhughbanksYou two look beautiful!
  • kandihamiltonGretchen looks great. Yes she has some work done, but nothing compared to alexis, tamar, and vicki
  • bhlmagazineSo pretty!
  • tarabriggs@erinmaddox09 😹😹
  • chick007@gretchenchristine1 not sure u answer but it would nice of u if I did .... I've noticed a huge difference in your skin what did u do??????
  • crazy_family_7All I want to say the whole world doesn't hate Slade, I like him 😄
  • ksheppard2468I find it HILARIOUS how Vicki handled the situation last episode. She's such an attention seeker, she wants everyone to love her. Imagine for a second if instead of Lydia's mom that was Slade who put his feet on her couch! Vicki would literally die of a heart attacked from flipping out on him!! And than she feels that it's okay that she bashed Slade for being a deadbeat because it was years ago that she said those things while all along she's "dating" a deadbeat. She sure can dish it out but cant take it HAHA Vicki's a joke! Can you say hypocrite?
  • brettxw@gretchenchristine1 I'm watching the Reunion part 2 and how are you able to sit there and NOT get up and punch them all in the face and walk off laughing?
  • joenaps7@katelynn2468 ...SO TRUE!!! Vicki's a whale, bitch whale and a bitch whale HIPPO- crite. She needs to push away from the table. "I'm off the show" she kept saying but she sure did keep coming back. Damn, she is awwwwwful. You could park a car in either of her nostrils.
  • bridgetmary20Funny how everyone comments on the "negative" things you have done.. But everyone else gets away with it, especially Vicki. When she said rude comments and very mean things or have done things to spite you know one else would say a thing or tell her it was wrong...bad character @heatherdubrow @tamrajudge @oclydia Stay classy @gretchenchristine1
  • mrskendragaynor@kristincavallari
  • fraannzyVery nice
  • gretchenrossi@kericookie23 I try too!
  • aspencroushornYou tagged the Kristin. You idiot
  • swagxd1234Dam she fine
  • ceooflincoln@gretchenchristinerossi you always have fab hair....share ur secret pretty pls!
  • kiera9021It's amaZing @gretchenrossi how much you look like Vicki g here
  • hramaya1362Gorg
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