Introducing PARAHOY! Join Paramore on a 4-day trip to PARAdise with @teganandsara and more! Get all the details at #PARAHOY #paramore
  • paramoreIntroducing PARAHOY! Join Paramore on a 4-day trip to PARAdise with @teganandsara and more! Get all the details at #PARAHOY #paramore

  • stephnuts2I have a probability to go <3
  • toomuchtodecideIf you send me money ill be there! Please no okay:( too poor to be rich
  • 8ktk8PAIN @bastillexoxo
  • franklin_lessaAmo vocês.
  • coffeeshopghost#paratour
  • cretinoncretonneMost ridiculous idea ever because most people who can afford to go probably don't give a rats ass about these bands and would go "just cause" something tells me this wasn't the bands involved's idea. It should've been a sweepstakes or something. Have fun with the crowd you attract there, geez.
  • mena_saucedoI'm from México city and i dont have money :( this is so sad. But it's a great idea ohhh really want to go but i don't have to money u.u and i'm 16 years old. this is so sad:( enjoy guys, México loves you and we love you'r music is amazing i don't speak english very well HAHAHA :( @paramore the best band thanks for everything loves youuuu xoxo
  • meliiwasnthere@riotlaura they're gonna be here in November but in sawgrass
  • cretinoncretonne@x_xe_m_m_ax_x I didn't mean I don't like them, I love paramore, and t & s. but I'm also in the same boat as a lotta kids as far as not affording this. I think it's dumb because its so out of reach to majority of the fans. Especially after so many tour announcements. I didn't mean to offend you!
  • shairamore@bayonnestraightedge people would love the idea. And please, @paramore don't give a damn.
  • despitemyidiocy@bayonnestraightedge I get what you mean like a lot of people can't afford it is all. I think it's still a cool idea though and idk if I'd go so far as to say everybody there is going just cause. There are people who genuinely love paramore and can also afford to go. I know I can't afford to go and even though I'm kind of really jealous I still hope everybody has an awesome time. Parahoy !
  • cretinoncretonne@despitemyidiocy I feel that. Sometimes I'm too cynical !
  • doovidgilI want to go soo bad!
  • classic_sarah@classicly_stevie should we
  • classicly_stevie@classic_sarah I'm keen for whatever lol
  • imfine_iwishiwasdeadDamn it I seriously want to go
  • miia_loveAlready planning my outfits!!!! Right @thee_rockster?!? Lol
  • writingthefuture1990@bayonnestraightedge a lot of fans that have been around since paramore started are now older (mid twenties) and have jobs that allow them to afford this kind of thing. It's an amazing idea and the fans paramore and Tegan and Sara attract are just as much true fans as young teens. As you grow up you can connect with the songs both of these bands write on a totally different level.
  • cretinoncretonne@music_makesme uh huh yeah I feel that, I revised my statement ha. I know. I'm only entering my 20s but yeah I don't have the fairest life so I get a lil cranky. But I get that.
  • dazstiff@lexrsupastar
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