Ready to go with fave pieces from @Jlo. #JenniferLopez #ootd #shoes #neon #Kohls
  • kohlsReady to go with fave pieces from @Jlo. #JenniferLopez #ootd #shoes #neon #Kohls

  • kohlsYou have good taste @dezignr93
  • claramae97My closet looks like the Jennifer Lopez dept in Kohls.
  • kohlsThat's a great problem to have @claramae97!
  • claramae97I know, I'm anxiously waiting on JLo shoes to come in the mail now. Still adding to the collection!
  • sheilaeshLove this blouse! Great fit and lots of beautiful colors! Have this color and in pink
  • carlyrubeyA movie wall!!📼💽🎥
  • summer_hall1Sups cute
  • kohlsThey add some pop to any outfit @ssexy1!
  • kohlsWe'd love to see a pic when they come in the mail @claramae97, just mention #kohls!
  • beulah_landWhat the price for that blouse.
  • lizethlilI wanna work at Kohl's is my favorite store. I applied so many times. Like 5 or 6 or 7 times, They never called me, And I also to when to ask (almost everyday) if my application was still in consideration but they don't care. It makes me rally really sad and frustrated. I don't know what they don't call me. :(
  • lizethlil:(
  • lizethlilI applied many times at Koh'ls but they never called me! also went to ask about my application many many times but they cannot give me an answer :(
  • kohls@beulah_land this top is on sale for $17.9. Enter the Web ID 93660094 into to see sizing and tons of other colors.
  • kohlsBy $17.9, we meant $17.99. We're a little excited about the sale @beulah_land!
  • kohlsSorry to hear you haven't heard yet @lizethlil! We have the best associates, hands down, so you made a good choice applying to work at one of our stores. Fingers crossed you'll hear something soon!
  • shivaniparepallyHow much are the heels?
  • kohls@peace_28, those sassy heels are one sale for $25.97. Enter the Web ID 93322297 to see sizing and more details.
  • shivaniparepallyThanks!
  • danielleeenicole_I have that shirt, only in blue! @kohls
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