Grandma approved hair style for the first day of school
  • sharonbeesleyGrandma approved hair style for the first day of school

  • pattybeesleyThey look great. Hope everyone has a happy day!
  • allrederikaThey look like stylish school kids! I love uniforms!
  • daina_aHappy first day back! My kids don't start until after Labor Day, but I head back next week! This summer flew by!
  • twolittlefeathersThe boys are going to a different school, or they changed uniforms? They all look great! Hope they have a great first day!
  • samanthajhahnDapper
  • pinkballoons_macaronsThey are adorable!
  • lbascomEven their shoes and backpacks are uniform, wow. Not sure why I'm surprised, I just didn't know, I guess!
  • echoallredLove it.
  • sharonbeesley@lbascom oh the things I could do if the school let me take charge of the uniform. . .thousands of mini American Apparel bow tie wearing hipsters flooding the sidewalks every morning. It would surely give the school good press, no?
  • sharonbeesley@twolittlefeathers same school--first graders get to wear ties. They were stoked. Fourth graders get to wear converse all stars. Can't wait to shed the black Velcro sneakers!
  • naomiraddonI miss uniforms!!! So easy and cute
  • michelleallerAdorable. Miss you guys
  • lbascomHa, you should present your ideas to the school! Bow ties would be much less in-the-way, and adorable. And yes, they prob get great attention for being the hip, yet uniform, school. You should go for it.
  • swisslarkThey are so cute!!!! 💞
  • hannahlouloulouReally.Cute. However those black Velcro shoes are truly #heinous
  • sharonbeesley@hannahlouloulou haha yeah--the finest Payless sells.
  • sharonbeesley@successacademy
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