I used to sneak in this gym to workout, now I'm running a camp here. #Amazing #blessed
  • luoldeng9I used to sneak in this gym to workout, now I'm running a camp here. #Amazing #blessed

  • zakryanturner__Loving the camp @luoldeng9 it's inspirational to hear you tell us all your experiences and it's reassuring to know that anyone can make it big if they put in the hard work. 😇🏀
  • popsmbonsu@luoldeng9 i remember when you made us do that! you owe crystal palace gym about 250 quid
  • godivamanThat's great to help the youths out because there future needs to be nurtured now.
  • jurkuch_manyokGr8t son
  • ladunchristinaWent to this camp, never got to meet you unfortunately .. Blessed to have an opportunity for a camp as amazing as yours 👏
  • riabi_12The camp was great, thanks for a great week and sorry for my brother :/ #miamiheatjersey @luoldeng9
  • soniameggie👏👏👏
  • lekanp22Er @adamriabi12 I heard you and kevin did not bring home the title. After all my sacrifice on the day. .lol glad you guys enjoyed the week
  • riabi_12@lekanp22 man we couldn't grasp it, it was the coach ;) needed you coach. Great time though thanks for giving me improvements to work on, on it now
  • noahjoakim13Your good person bro.
  • swannibabiiThis is a beautiful thing @luoldeng9
  • likopikoYou've come full circle and now you're giving back. How fulfilling that must feel!
  • andrewlock7@ellohwhen is ur hand up here? lol
  • ellohwhen@andrewlock7 yeah I went on the u14 one
  • princehenrythe3rdWhere is this?
  • tboy123Hi Mr. Deng my name is thomas Howard I am a huge fan of you, you by far are my favorite basketball player your even better then Michael Jordan! Well have a nice day.
  • tribece0@luoldeng9 in Bricktown?
  • messoueriI was their at deng camp in chrystal Palace, Follow me back Luol So you can remember me please
  • dreamchaser_shabzWhat's this camp called and is this camp on in this year
  • ballerbolluol remember when you caught me sleeping in camp😂, and follow back
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