Imagine the Wu Tang of Chefs starting a passion project so secretive they fool everyone in the neighborhood into thinking its just a Pizza joint. What's behind the window is a chef throwdown (a "who's who" of Michelin worthy All Stars) doing what they do best. It's on some Jiro-4 month reservations-"sorry-we-only have-14-seats" pay us in advance-we decide what you eat-ish. I've been comparing the foodie world I've entered as reminiscent of the 92 "keep it real" era of hip hop. Seriously in the past month I haven't heard this much integrity talk since the days of Stretch & Bobbito (case and point: Dominique Ansel's refusal to mass produce & cash in on Cronut mainia) kinda amazing to see this kinda attitude still exist somewhere in the business world. It's like the lyricist lounge of the culinary world. Can't wait to try #TroisMec
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