Busy day at St. Martins Press! #loveitalianstyle
  • melissagorgaBusy day at St. Martins Press! #loveitalianstyle

  • cajunvincentSo proud!! #TeamMelissa
  • yasamineghanavatiThey are on the back together . She's writing the book I could see if it was them writing the book together
  • eyesofbrandonI thought you wanted to be a singer?
  • eyesofbrandonYou've sold almost no singles and no one has signed you
  • nuri_njYou have it going on. Thus shiw shoukd be about branching out and you do it well.
  • nuri_njOops, need spell check. Luckily I am not a writer
  • bradendylan12Like it
  • karley_lynnnI thought the book wasnt out yet I tried to get it on Amazon it wasn't out yet ??
  • mrssweets214Really like you and Joe but have you seen Bill and Giuliana Ransic ? That have an awesome marriage relationship !!
  • beaujcruzI hope people who preordered the book from amazon gets an autographed book :)
  • tarint77Glad you stood your ground and kept the cover!
  • coco_chanel_john_snow@candicurtis yes it does. There both just about her
  • naynaybaby22I'll be buying one :-)
  • cindyeverydaySo happy that you have your own
  • prettyw1ldOmg how bad are these extensions!!
  • jmpupella👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • teec106Funny how you're only on the cover, oh wait I forgot. You're extremely vain. Teresa's right, you're a copycat. And your ex bf Jan is probably telling the truth. Sick of watching mrs fake "thank you Jesus"
  • asiajrocladyGET IT BITCH... SAY HIIIII HATERS... :-P
  • rayynoel@teec106 Grow up
  • charlie_magriGood luck on the book xxx
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