We had so much fun celebrating 40 years on #DAYS with Suzanne Rogers today! #Congratulations #Amazing #WeLoveYou
  • nbcdaysWe had so much fun celebrating 40 years on #DAYS with Suzanne Rogers today! #Congratulations #Amazing #WeLoveYou

  • kamesjellymomCongrats Days! Many wonderful memories of your show over the years! Love Christmas time and decorations! 🎄😍
  • debby.jackson.davisI started watching the show with my Grandmother from day 1! I grew up watching Days and still love it!
  • tonyalakI am 40, and I've watched DOOL for more than half my life! It's a part of my day that I look forward to. Thank you!
  • lizvardanegaSame here @debbyhalderman
  • catamountswcuMy mom started watchin' from day one! I grew up watchin' it with her and still watch it, now with my daughter!!! My sister and her daughter watch it too!! We love Days!!!! Oh, my brother would watch it too, his daughter's name is Kayla.....wonder who he liked on Days the best? :)
  • deannaerodriguez35wow i love days....happy 40 more years
  • tyrab131Yay!happy anniversary days!
  • cutecree1966Happy anniversary love the show
  • whizkid35540 years, just the same as close family. Bravo days. :-)
  • chimi50Happy Anniversary! Love you Days.
  • joshcuevazThanks you for all these years!
  • joanmazaresWhat a great show! Love the families.
  • lizzyrod1973I love days of our lives
  • nbcdays1Congrats
  • rlm4158Been watching since 1964. Congratulations
  • tracylglasCongrats Maggie
  • tracidlynnaustinCongrats Suzanne on 40 years. I love seeing Maggie with Victor, you are the only one who can get Victor to behave.
  • ggrayt1Great pic!
  • catheykabageI luv daus!
  • snowflake8157Love it
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