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  • _wendyyj@edwynjaimes
  • monikki0I will love to meet evanescence
  • lavender.honey89I met Evanescence 2 years ago!! :) I'll post the photo! :D
  • bruuhevEvanescence changed my life for the better , I marked my body with 9 tattoos for the band. @winduprecords @rhapsodymusic #WindUpRhapsody
  • annakrianna22It changed my life
  • cgoulaorrdDone Evanescence truly changed my life. I wouldn't know what to do now that my life has changed!! I'm in love with evanescence!!!!
  • cgoulaorrd+ I really want 2 meet Amy!! She is my inspiration and now has helped me reach better singing skills!!
  • your_starWhen will the winer be anounced? I really hope I win something
  • julianoevI don't Understand ;*(
  • _vainesse_Wassup Amy!
  • winduprecordsThanks to all the fans that entered!!!
  • ripe_avocado19Never been to a concert, wasn't able to, Amy is an inspiration to me. Evanescence's is the first music I've listen to and there's not a Day I can go without listening too them. Ear-gasim I tell ya. Love Amy!!! <3 So I'm just an ordinary chick who's a BIGfan!!! My name is Rocky! Toodles! ;D
  • breejohnson2001My name is Breanna and I'm a huge fan,I'm 12 years old and I'm from Jonesboro,AR. My favorite songs are "my immortal", "bring me to life", and"call me when your sober".Ive grown up listening to all of your songs and I have always wanted to come to one of your concerts,your an amazing singer and I wish I could sing that good.I have memorized those three songs and I love them all,I am not that bad of a singer myself.One day I want to be a singer just like you.Your a gr8 inspiration to me
  • jodieannpatriciaIs this still going?!?!
  • saintmandoEvanescence is my life ... I love Amy Lee, she is a true inspiration to me, my idol, my goddess!! I will always love & cherish evanescence... This band truly changed my life forever .. <3 and i thank them for that
  • aydiositoestoyenlalunaevribody evanescence
  • aydiositoestoyenlalunayeiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • _kc_bayron.romeroI Love Evanescence
  • heartofmusic96JAMES DURBIN!!! <3 <3
  • charles4825Ytashia Love
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