The poster for #KellyandVictor! In UK cinemas Sep 20.
  • julianmorrisThe poster for #KellyandVictor! In UK cinemas Sep 20.

  • jrosliacovaOmg!
  • abbsolutely._.notI don't like shady wren! Pls be good!
  • zzayniallYou r so handsome and cute...I even don't know use what words to describe u so so so much.
  • zzayniallDo u know u have many fans in china actually .i come from china.there r so many people watch PLL,and I think I must watch OUAT because u
  • zzayniallAnd u r also the positive power ,make me continue watching PLL,I think the plot have been terrible.but I in order to see u ,I don't give up.however,u r not always in the screen
  • mandydiallo85I'm reading the novel as of right now. BTW when is it going to come out in the US? Can't wait!
  • nerdscenesfeed@julianmorris somebody's impersonating you. He has the same profile pic and username. Except he only has one post and it says "Did I get you?" He liked one of my pics and I started freaking out thinking it was you. It was actually pretty funny. (: Just wanted to let you know.
  • kaylamagaOH MY GOSH U R IN THE A TEAM TRATOR★!!!!!!
  • daphne.mrscReally looking forward to see u in that movie :)
  • mariannearugayNooooo @maikadevela_
  • mandydiallo85The trailer turned me on
  • kaahaireswill come to others countrys?
  • sanghoih14I so so envy her 😒
    Ily @julianmorris 😘😘😘😘
  • rebecaalmeid@julianmorris kelly and victor in Brazil???
  • nasreenosmanAHH I know Antonia!! She's amazing
  • zainmalikThe trailer seems boring but ill watch it just for u :*
  • deegoodchild@daniellesuk we should go & see something like this. Check out the guy 😍
  • veraboiThe film is sick. Loved it. Sad for the bad ending. Wish it could have been her to die 😢 @julianmorris
  • veraboi@charlamiles Kelly + Viktor
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