One of my new favorite spots for coffee, @ThistleStopCafe
  • brandonheathOne of my new favorite spots for coffee, @ThistleStopCafe

  • gegevlogAwesome!👍
  • hollandgracefI wish I lived in Nashville! :)
  • ma_jingleiWhere is this?
  • timschurrerYES!
  • nickbalera@timschurrer Are you a fan of here?!
  • mandie.aikinAhhh, coffee! <3 coffee if THE best :)
  • adaesther1224Cup of coffee looks real good right now:)
  • misskathryn17Coffee is so good and it's so cool when you can find a great coffee house other than Starbucks! @brandonheath
  • lsrichertI've heard about this place! Done. The next time I go home to Nashville I'm on it.
  • hart_of_faithLove your music..
  • josiahmyers22Where is that?
  • josiahmyers22I LOVE your music too. My favorite song right now is "love does". It's awesome.
  • lilshea@brandonheath Nice pic! There are few things sweeter than a great place to hang with Jesus over a good cup of coffee :)
  • kenzie_eslynNot a big fan of coffee, But on the other hand I'm ur #1 fan. MUAH! I hope they have tea? Btw...I ♡
  • kenzie_eslynI'm going to be in Nashville. What's ur address? So I can stop
  • kenzie_eslynShe wasn't looking for an an ordinary pray. She just liked to be around him...she like knowing he was there. She saw something no one else could see...way beyond his gentle eyes. It was more than just a moment...when she finally realized...she could feel his arms around her...even when he's not around and it's worth her wild just to see him smile, her heart is running wild...for him. Amen!
  • dayya.xThats a nice coffee cup☕
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