Join us in celebrating the grand opening of the Junior Achievement's Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center. #JADiscoveryCenter
  • chickfilaJoin us in celebrating the grand opening of the Junior Achievement's Chick-fil-A Foundation Discovery Center. #JADiscoveryCenter

  • lynnd86Chick-fil-A Foundation & Junior Achievement teamed up to bring kids in Atlanta a center to learn financial literacy. Villages raising children by letting them run their own city .
  • linny42@juliek42 beautiful
  • ryanolson10I did that before
  • shhdhshdhdChickfila Woo!
  • j.a.r.e.xThe mocha cookies and cream milk shake rocks
  • vd4hunnidI met Dan cathy👌
  • sky.alexanderIt's your choice what gender you marry. I don't really care ,but GOD does!! This is a Christian business that stands for there beliefs. The bible says for men are to marry women and women are to marry men. If you don't agree then read the bible and pray to God you find the right answer. @jon__85
  • christabuchanan❤ you chik Fil a!!!
  • ivywinemillerChickfila is my boyfriend
  • tammygraves23Chik fil're the best! No matter what anyone says! God has obviously rewarded your stand for Him and His Kingdom! Never, ever give up!
  • tara_archieYou might as well give me a plaque for frequent diner. My kids and I love the food, people and how overly friendly our CFA is! Family is important to them and to us that's why we will continue to go. :)
  • shhdhshdhdWoo Number 1 Fan of Chickfila Title is Now Mine!!!!!!!!
  • jon__85@skylerc_3 oh of course it's a choice to you
  • kushlivin@chickfila i eat so much chickfila its rediculous, how do i get some free swag?
  • gbornee@skylerc_3 the bible also says to love everyone... sooo I think you should be repecting gays
  • sdabpriceThese comments are not even relevant to the message that has been sent by CFA. It has to do with supporting the community and teaching children how to financially manage their lives and their surrounding community. Joe in the world did it get on the subject of gays!!!
  • shhdhshdhdChickfila is the Best Resturant!
  • jon__85@sdabprice umm maybe because chickfila supports gay hate groups
  • melanie_morphinethey have good food but I'm for gay rights. ugh. they should've stayed out of this.
  • physicsgirlchanellIm mad @chickfila bring back the southwest salad!!!!!!!!!
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