Take 25% off everything today - online and one day only!
  • torridfashionTake 25% off everything today - online and one day only!

  • momo1117r@katie_blue_eyez I couldn't agree more! Love their clothes, ill just have to dream about it lol
  • tally2081You pay for the quality. Their stuff lasts forever. It's my fave store!
  • veronica31Love their stuff too although the quality could be better...my jeans need replacing every 6 months or so. The crotch wears thin :-/
  • desiree0226@veronica31 I have the same problem! For as much as we pay for the pants, capris est, they shouldn't wear out so fast!
  • veronica31@desiree0226 exactly 😉
  • glasscandydesignsMaybe someday Torrid will offer decent international shipping rates so it will be worth shopping there.
  • cobaltjazzLove the top!
  • ruthy8608Yes they need work on there bottom parts ( jeans, shorts, capris) the tops are good.
  • ashleycforestaAnd reasonable returns! Ordered the wrong size, returns was such a hassle I will never order again and am stuck with a product I can't even wear! ;(
  • m0rido2Ella es muy hermosa @torridfashion tqm ♥
  • nicolexelizabeth@ashleymclay did you try returning it in store?
  • itsjustgwyn@heatherhate
  • nicolexelizabethI have three pairs of pants from torrid. two of them I've had for over 6 months and they're in great shape. if you're wearing them everyday, yes they're going to wear out in the crotch area. that's happened to almost every pair of Tripp jeans I owned when I was a teen. and it's going to happen to any jeans if you wear them often enough.
  • ashleycforesta@nicolexelizabeth there aren't any stores near me ;(
  • mamahynsonJust got some boots for fall. Thanks for the flat rate shipping.
  • princessiris_tillaCan't wait for my clothes to arrive!
  • carmatrain7Want this flower top!WHATS THE NAME OF THE TOP PLEASE?
  • 79_kat@sindie99 I want that jacket! :p
  • sindie99@79_kat VERY NICE
  • lorilynn7569@sweetmichy
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