A rare picture of me in my natural habitat (via @philroksonix)
  • doctorpcircusA rare picture of me in my natural habitat (via @philroksonix)

  • caveslug@sike_ass_ you mix music with a mixer
  • hutch_old..and changing levels volume levels etc..
  • zakirizarryThank you @hutchotits
  • zakirizarry@sike_ass_ noob
  • hutch_oldEven I got confused about what theyre for then fuckin'ell but yeah no problem @snoopytuesday6
  • hekrxddddddIght sorry I don't know shit. I've used both a pc and a mixer. But I am not experienced and I am not trying to start a huge debate.
  • scalesatlI'm glad you can make "dubstep" with a mixer then we'd have all these minors thinking they're "producers"
  • kihmburrleighThere's an app for that ^
  • verbalkint_@sike_ass_ You make music in a DAW on a pc/Mac. It's pretty much all software, aside from interfaces used for external instruments/preamps. A mixer is used for live performance, not making music.
  • alaa_contrvbvndIs it better to have the monitors to the side like that @doctorpcircus I've seen this a lot..
  • verbalkint_@alaa_contraband I'm not sure but I think people do that to get a full surround sound. When you're mixing/mastering you have to hear all the little quirks and stuff, and hear what it's like in different environments. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  • almostradical@alaa_contraband no, only if they're designed for it. If you put vertical monitors on their sides it will fuck up the soundstage and stereo imaging.
  • itskleontimeSome monitors are designed to be "near-field". Some are designed to be "mid-field". Some have options like the krk rokit 10-3ways. Depends on the room, and the application.
  • sarah_jaggerThx for pukkelpop, you were great !
  • alaa_contrvbvndI have Krk6's @almostradical @kleontime I've seen a lot of pics of these turned to the side.. Is there a purpose? What's the diff ?
  • almostradicalOi @alaa_contraband you're from SD?? Haha small fucking world dude. And yeah the KRK6 are designed to sit vertically, what @kleontime is talking about is how the sound is put out in regards to how near you are to the source.
  • itskleontimeOnly the krk10-3ways have the option to move the tweeter. It just means the tweeter is on axis inclusive to the other cones regardless of which way it is laying. Dont turn your monitors to the side unless they are designed to be that way. Most monitors are near field already, meaning they are supposed to be 3-5 ft in a triangle from your sitting position. Mid field is usually only applied to larger, particular studios.
  • alaa_contrvbvndOk thanks that make sense...ya man @almostradical check us out @contraband_sd
  • vvilliam@fear_the_wolf
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