Take a chance
  • richardbransonTake a chance

  • tiddler78@slcox79 He has taught you well!!! Your going to be amazing ❤😘❤
  • stephwaters77Brilliant!!!
  • toniiwachoAlways I inspired by u @richardbranson
  • peeyushmalhotraBlue eyes
  • bindisandersonU r the man and reason I got on a Virgin Atlantic flight after a brain tumour & having a fear of flying for 30 years....business class of course.....thank you!!
  • richardbranson@bindisanderson Wow – don’t thank me Caroline, that’s all your bravery – thank you for sharing, really inspiring.
  • ringotoolsYou are a good example, Sir Branson!
  • jamzplay@richardbranson hope to see you soon here at Philippines...
  • jamzplay@richardbranson great inspiration!
  • ecobeautyvivi@richardbranson I'm taking a chance... by asking if you'd be interested to be an investor or endorser of, or be an audience to pitch to about a website that aims to nurture future creative leaders like you, Mr. Branson. You might not even see this message but at least I tried to take that 1% chance that you just might. :)
  • ecobeautyvivi@richardbranson and "Hello!" from all the way here in Singapore!
  • chefdandreOk @richardbranson I'm taking a chance to see if you will see this. I'm a private chef based in Atlanta I would love the opportunity to apply to work for you as your personal chef. I'm putting myself out there to take a chance that you will reply. Here my website www.therealprivatechefs.com
  • victoriaytchong@asenduk volg je hem al? Wel wat voor jou :)
  • asenduk👍 @victoriaytchong
  • bostonkeith513I'm taking a chance. Hey buddy. If you ever feel like you need to help someone out. Send any money you want my way. Just kiddin. But seriously. Send it.
  • _adi_lazar👍👍👍
  • aloharoarHave you considered ramping up 'Virgin Surfboards Group' ? If you are interested I could manage everything from over here in the industry capital of Southern California. We have the people, we just need the investors. @richardbranson
  • danyanasserYou are my inspiration Mr Richard ✨
  • uniquetash24👉👉👉👉soundcloud.com/unique-tash
  • arizonajohn@richardbranson your a guy that loves to have fun, and glad your not the type of guy that locks himself in a little office somewhere
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