• benbakaarUsing the Olympic lifts in repeated high rep submaximal (about 65-85% of 1RM) efforts is an oft criticized aspect of #CrossFit style training. However, using the lifts in this manner is no different than using any weighted element in repeated efforts. In fact, these type of workouts hold promise for athletes, particularly those engaged in intermittent explosive/endurance sports like soccer, MMA, basketball, wrestling and of course "CrossFit". Called alactic-aerobic endurance, athletes must be prepared for short bursts of anaerobic energy buttressed by longer bouts of aerobic energy.
    These athletes must develop and strengthen his slow twitch (Type I) muscle fibers and the oxidative capacity of his fast twitch (Type II) muscle fiber. The following studies Paavolainen, L. et. al. (1999), Wilmore and Costill (1988), Chtara M. et. al. (2005) all show combined explosive strength and endurance training improves alactic, lactic and aerobic endurance by improving explosive power, improving rate of force development, strengthens slow and fast twitch muscles, and improves oxidative metabolism without necessarily improving VO2 max.

    Workouts that consist of a short (about 10 seconds) explosive move combined with slighter longer moderate intensity (under lactate threshold) conditioning efforts (about 40 seconds) are perfect in increasing the alactic-aerobic pathway. The following is one such workout, I urge you to try: "The Big Chief"
    Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
    3 power cleans @ 205/135#
    6 push-ups
    9 squats
    Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 4 cycles.

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  • cornell_hunt@blackstarsc do you feel that doing too many reps of the Olympic lifts could be detrimental to a novice athlete? I agree with what you're saying however I'm wondering if it should only apply to athletes who have a sound understanding of the clean. Wouldn't doing so many reps under fatigue with a novice (someone just learning the oly lifts) athlete engrain improper movement patterns?
  • benbakaar@cornell_hunt mechanics, consistency, intensity. Repeat.
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