Always fun going through TSA with Ari when he refuses to take his shoes off
  • joeroganAlways fun going through TSA with Ari when he refuses to take his shoes off

  • sinarichmindEveryone should just have flip flops on in airports.
  • ezmoshe@glassscow do you remember which one it was? I recall it was 200 something
  • davefarrandGod damnit, Ari.
  • matty_ayyGood on him!!
  • sockerbolag1"just take off your shoes like everyone else" - well, everyone else doesn't! I've never done it and I've been on over 100 flights, most in europe, some in asia and one in africa. Don't just let them enforce meaningless and bad laws, give them a little resistance. Way to go Ari!
  • drcreation@dahlia_sabbath Heath ledger FTW
  • nicklaramieI get it...but then again it's just fucking shoes bro. Take em off and then put em back on 30 seconds later and just go to your gate and go about your day. Think of all the stress you can get rid of by just not caring that much that your shoes must come off to enter somewhere. I'm sure it is hilarious to see from Joe's perspective though.
  • endorphin_factoryBwahaha
  • antonio_valdiviaThis is how freedoms are taken away. A little at a time so it's not noticed. #WakeUp
  • vndylanShoes? really?? That's like saying "I won't bow to the man by stopping at a red light"! I don't get what the big deal is about doing what everybody else in country does. It's not losing your freedom. It's called being part of a functioning society.
  • waywearyOh, if everyone has to be subjected to unlimited search and seizure, "oh it's ok; just what everyone has to go through..." And when everyone has to have a microchip implanted into their body that keeps track of them... Oh, EVERYONE has to do it, so it's ok. What kind of logic is that, Dylanatrium and pantlessninja? That's just dumb.
  • matthughe5You're getting on an airplane and I don't want bombs on the air plane... Take your fucking shoes off asshole and move the line so I can get on the plane
  • camcensky@longlegmatt Fuck yes! I worked for tsa for 3years everything moves quick and quietly if more people shared your view.
  • oneshotki11Idiots. Nobody will go for having a Mic planted in their skin @wayweary . The reason shoes get checked is because flickers blow planes up with shit in their shoes. Youre not forced to take a plane anywhere. Walk to your destination if you really want to stick it to them, otherwise show you dont have explosives in your shoes and keep it moving.
  • tullydanger@oneshotki11 flickers. Hehe.
  • oneshotki11@tullydanger You can flickers my balls!
  • ep907Fight the power lol
  • charlie_foreignPowerful blond mini Afro on tsa
  • bayntonvineyardNobody has blown a plane up with a shoe bomb you stupid silly bitch.
  • bradybaxter92@jt8692
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