They just brought over the state troopers, shit got serious
  • joeroganThey just brought over the state troopers, shit got serious

  • mrs_j_oc@joeroganexperience I NEEDS the conclusion to this epic drama!!! Did he or did he not remove the foot coverings in question?
  • mrs_j_oc^lol
  • rootyson👊👊thank u for giving your real Instagram 💋
  • dahlia_sabbathElbow deep cavity search incoming!
  • felixzavala_mmaAri is my hero.. olive garden
  • mkmeatheadHahaha!
  • phokingoodAri is a retard for giving min wage workers shit every time he flys. Go to the source.
  • antnyfloresShow em the #jewclam
  • garethjdawkinsEven though I get what he is fighting for. I gotta wonder if its worth it everytime he flies. You you cant change TSA
  • dowdeezyFuck the tsa and that cunty cop.
  • chanlynxoOh ari.. Lmao
  • thefoxhorseWhen keeping it real goes bad
  • thefoxhorse( the ari shaffir story )
  • dmakaglassI hope that annoying fuck loses his right to flying.
  • czerwise7Lol pigs aren't serious
  • danyarfaraj@dmakaglass dude calm down he's just standing up for what he believes for
  • tjciv1983JBTs at your service.
  • johnylompocLike to treat that cop like mr moto from Donnie Brasco, musta take off is tradition
  • senior_breadstick_The men who were Interning the Japanese weren't wrong bc they were every day guys in the Army just doing their job. (Said no one, who is Japanese). Screw the TSA and their unreasonable searches for "my safety ".
  • bradybaxter92@jt8692
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