#frenchmacaroons are so pretty. Not quite #paleo but I won't tell if you don't. #glutenfree
  • vanessabarajas#frenchmacaroons are so pretty. Not quite #paleo but I won't tell if you don't. #glutenfree

  • uluhanirodriguesRecipe?
  • realeverythingblogI had 1 today too! We'll, 1/5 of 5 flavors shared with boys
  • fedandfitSecret's safe.
  • travelingjlI had this same discussion with my bf yesterday. Not paleo but shhhhhh
  • vanessabarajas@paleoparents I had to try one of each! I didn't want the other flavors to feel left out. 😂
  • vanessabarajas@fedandfit I knew I could count on you. 😉
  • vanessabarajas@travelingjl exactly! So close, we don't really need to discuss it.
  • travelingjl#closeenough and #wortheverybite
  • bchlvr79❤❤❤❤❤
  • xlaangelDo tell at least where to get 'em. If it can't be paleo, gluten free is the next best option especially if it's an indulgence!
  • naz.kazemeI was in France a couple of months ago and let's just say I ate my fair share ;) was there a rose flavoured one in there? My favourite flavour!
  • signingmamaWhere did you find these and are they dairy free?
  • vanessabarajas@signingmama the cookie shell is dairy free, it's egg whites, almond flour and sugar. The inside could be dairy free depending on the flavor. Just Yelp.com French macarons in your city. The best I've found are in San Francisco at @chantalguillon I've never been to France though. 😉 @cinnamoneats I just saw your comment, the rose flavor is exquisite! I was just telling someone about it today.
  • atasteoflife.caFrench Macarons!!! 😄 there is a store by me that has a list of allergens in their macaros. Theres about 5 flavours without gluten and dairy 😆 they are the best in france... just sayin 😉 you need to come to france!
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