Creepiest most Shining-like hall in the hospital.
  • kristinabralyCreepiest most Shining-like hall in the hospital.

  • kiwifashionblog🙈🙀I'm scared
  • rockgsmomBelieve it or not my hospital just got carpet...all in all i'd rather have your spooky one
  • _escocheaOmg! My mom used to work in that same hospital for 15 years! Now she works at sugar land.
  • inkd_fl_girlWow, that just brought back bad memories.
  • abeautymomentYiiikes...
  • ashleyromeSorry for the random question.. I'm pre-med doing my MPH before applying to med school and have just started thinking about anesthesiology for my specialty; I want to do critical care medicine, but I think the anesthesia track will be the best for when I may want to slow down later in life but continue working. I know everyone always says that thinking about specialties before you do rotations in med school is silly, but often you won't always be able to do an anesthesia rotation until 4th year (plus I like to plan ahead/have an idea of specialties I would want as electives moving forward.. Just the kind of person I am). Anyway, just curious what drew you towards this specialty vs others? And what do you like best about it? Thanks so much!
  • kristinabraly@ashleyrome there's no way I can answer your question in a comment! Email me :)
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