Uhbsessed with the slimming pattern of these tops by @danskinapparel. I need these!!!!
  • giulianarancicUhbsessed with the slimming pattern of these tops by @danskinapparel. I need these!!!!

  • lrdonahue5Why do people feel the need to comment about her weight every dang time she posts a pic? Worry about yourselves, people! Would you keep telling someone how overweight they are or that they need to stop eating? No. So why do people think it's ok to say it to thin people?
  • ashliebarnett@lalalauren2 so? .. Lol
  • paoooooooiYou don't need slimming anything! Also, do u get paid to constantly advertise people n products? Ie duke's photographer, these tops?
  • shannonhutkaiGet over it people- yes, she gets paid to promote, yes she is a celebrity not your BFF. I love her personality, I love her. But for the love of God YES, getting paid to promote is part of her job and if she so chooses, part of her income. Deal with it! Move on and quit being "shocked" or "appalled" by it!
  • tammypr20@shutkai well said
  • sare_christou@shutkai agreed!!!
  • yeci33So true... But I love her
  • natcaskieLove u g + b!!
  • hanihussain612U dont need slimming patterned tops, @giulianarancic
  • mamuliamuYou need this? No no no... you neet to eat;-)
  • suzanneherworldYou dont need slimming...
  • aydeepI think she just does no get it !!
  • mamamlynek16These are adorbs! You would look great in these @giulianarancic ! Where can we find them??
  • msmshelOMG! These people crack me up. Everybody settle down...it's all gonna be okay. Love you G! You are beautiful inside and out!
  • nelly9598@shutkai YUP! Well said. If you don't like it get off her IG and go harass someone else.
  • crazynicolinaUm... love those!! Must find! Thanks for the post!
  • ssmart_ass@feduncio
  • tbone82096I'm sure Bill will do something amazing for your birthday!
  • iloveears4Happy birthday G! Luv u!
  • beautycargobeautiful product
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