This is just the beginning #Book
  • tylerbaltierramtvThis is just the beginning #Book

  • musicmovielover14@charissajoy88 100% sure you are wrong. Go to Barnes and Noble and pick up the book. Look at the artwork and the style it is written (aka journal writing not 3rd person) now, view all the comments on this picture, find Tyler's comment. He said its a rough draft of a book he is writing. Ok, now delete your comment for even trying to say its The Heroin Diaries because now you just have pissed off a HUGE Sixx fan and a fan of Tyler and Catelynn's. Thank you!
  • musicmovielover14Tyler has already said on the picture that this is a rough draft of a book he is writing, guys and gals..
  • mama_natureYou are awesome. Keep up the good work Tyler. #Motivation
  • michaelsmommy25I'm hooked need to read more @tylerbaltierramtv good job bro
  • leaahh63I wanna read more! Left me hanging, when will it come out in the UK? #UKFan
  • _kisha24Sounds interesting📖📖
  • amberhrtI'm recovering addict,just celebrated 4yrs clean I can't wait to read this book. @tylerbaltierramtv
  • missdenisevWhat book is this? Seems interesting.
  • danattielWhat book is this??
  • josieb94Amazing!! Cant wait til you're done with the final project Tyler! you have talent.
  • jennie_trippIam also a recoving addit and celerated 4yrs clean in June. Looking forward to reading this book. and sharing it with my fellowship. Please keep us updated with the book and when it will be done.
  • taylorannpedersonThis is written amazingly! I can't wit intel it comes out!
  • mrssanjoseWow! Really well written and instantly pulls you in! :)
  • misselinaathat part maybe a situation he was once in, Butch maybe? Can't wait to read it, I'm sure it will be good!
  • mtvteenmomdiscussionCant wait to read it!
  • familyonlygangHeroine is the devil! My babies daddy was addicted to hit, it took his life faster then any other drug I have ever seen! I broke up with him, kicked him out, he is not what I wanted my son to have as a role model. He has been in and out of jail and last time prison practically my sons whole life. My son just turned 4 and his dad was able to make it to his birthday party for the first time his whole life. He is clean now. I don't ever want to be with him I just hope he stays that way for my son. Love what you wrote so far!
  • auslander22I write as well. If you ever need someone to edit it from an outsiders point of view. I can be a non biased critic! Hit me up!
  • smashbucket2@tylerbaltierramtv LOVE IT AND CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!!
  • vanne.v@scuubbaa_samm
  • sophieasah@teaganhickman damn, this is the kid from teen mom
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